Hoopoe Publishing House is committed to creating opportunities to learn. On this page you will find free resources that will support the themes you can discover in our book ‘Wonderful Women Around the Prophet: The Clever Companions’

Free Resources!

These free resources can be printed at home or can be used on the screen.

Du’aa Colouring Sheet

This du’aa colouring sheet is a fun activity where children can learn new du’aas and their meanings. Display the finished colouring at your child’s height so they can remember the new du’aas and use them.

Ramadaan Poems

‘Ramadaan Poems’ is a worksheet that encourages children to be creative and think about their Ramadaan experiences. Children love to express themselves and the medium of poetry is one that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) enjoyed!

Making Choices

‘Making Choices’ is a worksheet that encourages children to build healthy decision making processes by seeking Allah’s guidance during their decisions.

It is important for children to feel that their opinions are valued; being guided to make sensible choices is one way in which children can feel empowered. Children will learn that not only are they capable of making informed choices, but that they can always rely on Allah to help them.

More resources coming soon!

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