Wonderful Women Around the Prophet: The Clever Companions

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“The Clever Companions” is an empowering look at the tales of three women who helped Islam to flourish. The first in a series celebrating the achievements of the female companions of the Prophet, this book inspires young children with relatable real-life role models, and describes characteristics they can incorporate into their own lives.

Featuring short stories, special facts, du’aas, and opportunities for discussion, this book is a fun interactive learning experience, encouraging boys and girls to lead a spiritually rich life.

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 20 cm

5 reviews for Wonderful Women Around the Prophet: The Clever Companions

  1. Asya

    A brilliant book for my 6 year old. Provides her with real role models that she can look up to. She loves the illustrations and colours too – definitely a favourite.

  2. Amena

    Assalamualaykum…subhanallah what a beautiful book. Honestly we really really enjoyed it! My 6yo daughter is so inspired by the story of Khansaa. She loves poetry and really enjoyed that part of the book. She said it was so nice and easy to understand for her and it didnt get boring like other books. She really liked the questions asked in between too.

  3. Syma

    Wow ma shaa Allah very beautifully written for young children with captivating colourful pictures and beautiful powerful message of the companions of Prophet Muhammed sallalahu wa alayhi wa salam and easy to memorise Dua’s

  4. Mamuna

    Overall a great book, teaches about 3 of the many inspirational women at the time of the prophet (pbuh),their stories,the value/importance of women in Islam. I love how after the stories there is a page for reader’s to reflect on. I really like the short duas/kalimah that children can very easily memorize. I love the way the book is assembled and the colourful illustrations. I have read it to my younger nieces (aged 4 to 6) and my girls enjoyed reading it too.Looking forward to the next book In sha Allah

  5. Zanab

    Mash’Allah it was beautifully written, it was also very easy to understand for my children. My children thoroughly enjoyed reading the book Mash’Allah.

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