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Rumaysa and Sophia are cousins. They were inspired by the many young girls and boys in their family to write a book about the amazing women around the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They hope that the wonderful tales of the women in their books inspire the children and their families.

Rumaysa and Sophia

Rumaysa is a qualified teacher with ijaazaat in hadith. With experience teaching Islamic Sciences for over 10 years, she completed her Masters in Islamic education and subsequently worked on developing curriculums for Islamic institutions. She also has a degree in Biochemistry and a PGCE, having taught science for a number of years. She is a book lover and writer, contributing articles on a range of topics, and is particularly passionate about female scholarship. She is a member of a Shariah panel, and works with Muslim women in the community on a range of different issues.

Sophia is an Early Years educator and primary school teacher with over ten years of experience. She has developed a keen interest in the acquisition of early language and the teaching of Phonics. She hopes that all children have fantastic opportunities to learn and enjoy books just as she does.  Sophia loves the excitement of entering into a world of new ideas when picking up a book and revisiting old favourites again and again. Sophia has three daughters aged 6, 4 and 2, who alongside all the children she has taught, are her inspiration to educate.

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